I’ve founded SolarThermalPower with the intention to make and sell home and farm sized electric power plants. These are grid tied and transfer switched to the local utility. We will use the utility as a backup supplier when the sun is down and to sell electricity surpluses as a home business. A farm whose crop is electric power.

   As the name implies the heat source for the boiler is the sun and ambient air is the condensing / cooling part. We do the installation and maintenance. We split the proceeds. Yes you have to pay up front but you avoid electric bills thereafter and get income besides. That's the plan. We are still developing the prototypes and evolving at this stage. We are targeting a 10kw system that will cost about the same as a new Honda and be just as easy and trouble free to use. We expect to need 200 sq ft of collector area and one outbuilding to house the power block assembly.
  Solar Thermal Power has been serving the ‘Green’ Friends of the Earth community since 2003. We specialize in design and implementation of home heating, water heating and generating electric power for your home and business and to back feed the grid to earn YOU money. 

   Provided are all of the components needed for a solar electric power production system;

  The tracking Concentrating Solar Mirror assemblies and/or flat plate drainback system; The thermal water storage tanks, circulation pumps and differential temperature controller.
 The Power Block - the thermal Power Plant, with turbo-generation ;

  The Grid Tie Inverter and Transfer Switch / metering and utility company advocate / control point..

Thanks for visiting. We look forward to serving you.

Picture of Rix behind the Solar Tracker

The Solar Tracker and the Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) mirror

The Solar Tracker is a device capable of turning towards the sun, which means following the Sun's track from its rising in the east to its setting in the west. The SolarThermalPower Tracker is a construction to demonstrate the mirror and the mechanism to move it. Because the Solar Tracker turns the assembly, the CSP solar mirror is set to face the Sun directly all day long. When the sun goes down at night the LED controller sends the CSP mirror to its 'parked' position - facing the eastern horizon - ready and waiting for the next days sun.

This is an autonomous robot - with a photo-voltaic charger charging its 12v motorcycle battery - which is then used to power the linear positioning actuator of the CSP mirror. The heat gathered in the CSP mirror will be moved by a liquid 'working fluid' to the 'heat block' (not modeled here) where turbogenerators will extract energy to feed the grid.

Rankin Cycle - Low Temperature Power Plant - Solar Thermal boiler, Ground loop water cooling (or Sump cooled water ) layout.
Diagram of the Power Block

Photovoltaic - Battery storage - Power Plant input (could be the above solar Thermal Plant) with automatic fail over from the Utility Company tie point layout.PV layout with batteries and gernerator backup